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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Com port problem

Complete instructions for com port.

INstalling drivers for com port is really a difficult thing.

I installed them properly last time and when i changed window it was again big challenge for me. But, I WAS ABLE TO DO IT AGAIN.

There is two big problems.
1. It is difficult to find usbser.sys file which it demands to insert window tries to find it out and fails so no installation success.

2. You have to install it at first instance as it detects So, dont run exe file.

so, what i am doing is giving you a link to download drivers including a PDF file which is password protected by default you can find password in text format file . THis will help you to install drivers hopefully and secondly i have placed usbser.sys file in folder so give path to folder when system asks rather than inserting window disk.

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The Raven said...

nice blog, i have the same set i.e LG KF 1956, I have over 200 contacts in my phone saved in my phone not in the SIM, what i want to know, is there any method through which i can save all my 200 contacts from the cell phone 2 my PC? thanks mate let me know if there is any method.

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