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Thursday, July 10, 2008

MIG 33 on Lg Kg 195

so what is mig33 in short a type of messanger which allow you to chat with friends.

First it has its own user. whom with you can chat and have nice time. they can be from any countries.

Second it has build in messenger facility of yahoo, msn so you log in to migg33 from your mobile you are prompt to log in to your msn and yahoo accounts too so you can chat with your online frineds through using mobile.

What are the benefits they are going to get on providing services.(you know there is nothing in free in this worls)/

SO answer is your foreigns friends at mig can be accessed other times also when they are not online through messaging or calling .the cost of these messages and calls will be much low. For example you have brazilian friend so cost of message will not be less than 5 rupees if you do through your regular service like mobilink or ufone but in case of mig33 it will be much low....

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