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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

╟╟╟ Lets share best application for this set ╢╢╢

its a dictionary...
its really is nearly of 800kb.
I have tried many dictionaries but this is really of worth keeping..
If you are English lover or want t to go for vocabullary stuff nothing could be better choice than this...

its name is
dictionary v2.6.jar

ok lets consider some technical issues involved with the application stuff.
As most of you will be knowing application memory allowed in this set is limited to 1MB only..
So, how to manage stuff...

With this dictionary installed you are probably left with no space to install any other application. but, still you can do a practice.. like you can uninstall and install some other application when you want to use it can keep set up on his memory card to install later on again(please note setup is in jar format not exe like in case of pc)...

Second benefit in this set is pausing your application..
which you will not find in any other set like i go for pause and go for other routine stuff like calling messaging and than just again go for application stuff when i needed it react very shortly without taking time.. you can consider or equalize it to stand by option of computer.

Hopefully you got an idea..if you dont find this dictionary on net...let me place it on 4shared

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