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Monday, June 15, 2009

Question, Answer and Remarks


hi adnan i see ur lg kg195 blog on the site and i have done the settings in my phone for its audio.but when i use it Format NVRAM option my phone restarted and after that when i call to any one from this phone no dialing sound come and no sound of the receiver comes.what is the settings to solve this problem please help this problem came to u also?.i know it is some setting problem because one of my friend make it ok by some setting but he did'nt tell me how he had done it.please help......... i will be very kind ful to you.


Its nice to have your email. Formatting resets your mobile and this mean restting your all setting to default so, it should be bringing good to you. I mean to say you should be able to hear dialing tune and receivers sound. If its not working reformat it and if problem still prersists try to insert sim of some other company, it may be problem with your cellular service. Hopefully this will solve your all issues. Please let me know if it worked or you had still problem.


Nice work very very thanks for your suggestion ya its the sim fault after inserting idea sim my problem solved.
i want to ask another question to you is there is any web browser for lg kg195 so that i can download movies on it by my airtel gprs.
once again thanks.


asfak said...

my lg kg195 insert sim problem plz help me said...

Well you can directly try the LG site and choose your model and ask for help...

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mani said...

can i increase lg kg 195 sms memory only 50-54 sms comes in my inbox

mani said...

can i increase my lg kg195 sms memory only 50-55 sms comes in inbox.